The only journey every human being must take –
‘The Inner Journey of the Soul’
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“The moment she hugged me & transferred some peace energies I know something in me had changed. Kashish is gifted, she can pull people out there who often are stuck in energies of lack of love. Thank You Kashish.”


“I have never felt so peaceful before. I thank you from all my heart and soul.”


” I felt a very big power in me during meditation and even after it got over, I have been still feeling so. Thank you very very much.”



The book contains the most important words one must know as one commences one’s Spiritual Awakening Journey.

Builds a very strong foundation for greater Spiritual Progress in Life.

Helps one expand one’s perspective of Life & Spirituality.

Is a must-have for Lightworkers & Spiritual Coaches who wish to spread Spiritual Light in the world.

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Spiritual Guide & consultant
Evolution is the only purpose, my friend!

Kashish G

Having been initiated into a life of spirituality & miracles during her childhood by her Spiritual Master in India, Kashish’s purpose in Life is to help people expand their consciousness in a comparitively less amount of time. Alongwith her astral spiritual Masters, she is working full time towards devising ways in which the set goal can be achieved…
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