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Course: Spiritual Awakening for Beginners 

A comprehensive course that gives clarity and builds a stronger foundation for anyone who wants to begin their Spiritual Awakening Journey without any fear to quicken their Spiritual Progress
David Cowan

During 2017, I went through much darker times and if somebody could help me out and was able to understand what I was going through, it was Kashish. 

David Cowan, Youtuber



Listen to 'Karma Is Supreme'

Podcast on Spiritual Growth & Awakening, Kashish comes together with

youtubers, hosts & speakers to talk about topics related to

Spirituality that encompasses conversations about life, purpose, movies, religion,
soul/ consciousness, travel, karma, meditation, self growth & development;

beyond  race, color & nationality.



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About Kashish

Kashish Gambhir is a Spiritual Guide, Writer and Consultant from India.

She has spent more than 29 years in daily meditation practices & seva; today, using her vast experience in Spirituality and highly expanded consciousness, she helps people find their unique spiritual path, guiding them on the next steps in their Spiritual Awakening journey, thus helping them progress most quickly according to their unique strengths and saving their time.

She stresses the importance of having a balance in one's materialistic and spiritual life.
You can read more here.

Bhupesh testimonial

'I felt a very big power in me during meditation and even after it got over, I have been still feeling so. Thank you very very much.'


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