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During 2017, I went through much darker times and if somebody could help me out and was able to understand what I was going through, it was Kashish.
David Cowan


Corporate Group Meditation Sessions for 300 employees.
Session on ‘Anxiety & Stress Relief Solutions’.



Listen to the Podcast 'Karma Is Supreme'

Podcast on Spiritual Growth & Awakening, Kashish comes together with youtubers, hosts & speakers to talk about topics related to Spirituality that encompasses conversations about life, purpose, movies, religion, soul/ consciousness, travel, karma, meditation, self growth & development; beyond race, color & nationality

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spiritual teacher woman

She says…never be afraid of pain. Sometimes the most pain gives us the most wisdom in life. We may not be able to see it at the moment when…Initiated into Spirituality during her childhood, Kashish’s purpose in Life is to help people expand their consciousness in a comparatively less amount of time

She is a spiritually advanced who is very helpful and logical at the same time. It's always best to take help of adepts as there are many hindrances in the path of Spirituality. I would recommend that if you have deep concerns in your life, you approach her and she will definitely help you in the best possible way.
Kamlesh Motwani
IT Entrepreneur


Sanskrit Spiritual Vocab

Expand your consciousness with this book; for kids & adults

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