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Soul in the Body | Example | Short Reads

You are the Light | The Soul To understand the concept of the Soul (The Light) in the body; that we Spiritual Beings really are, we take an example of a matchstick. We have heard this many a times that “We are Spiritual Beings in a Human Body“ but what does that really mean? In

famous spiritual poems

WHO AM I ? | A Poem on Self-Realization by Eleanor

A Beautiful Spiritual Poem by Eleanor, the Spiritual Teacher.




Do Trees Have Souls ? Consciousness & Great Awakening

WHAT IS A SOUL? DO TREES HAVE SOULS? “Soul” is the essence of Us that WE REALLY ARE. When I say that “I” am not the Mind, then what am I left with? If I am not the Mind, then who is it that I am. All of us are made of Mind, Body and

mahabharat sushant singh rajput

Is Sushant Singh’s case* A Mahabharat FOR THIS GENERATION?| Karma & Fate

What was Mahabharat? All Mahabharat was a quarrel between the right & the wrong, the fight between the conscience ( that is pure love & light ) & the mind ( that is full of desires & selfish motives). On one side, there was Arjuna & his four brothers, along with the all-knowing omniscient Sri

Kabir Ji, the Indian Saint

Kabir Ji Teachings | Spiritual Q n A with Kashish

Below are the answers (re-published here) given by Kashish. The spiritual questions have been asked by readers/ students on various platforms. q. What is the true meaning of the “one who sleeps”? A. “One who Sleeps” means the one who is Not awakened to the TRUTH. The truth being that this world is an illusion/

spiritual Experience vs knowledge

Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience

“We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.” THE MEANING While many wonder over the existential questions like, ” What is Life?” , “Why am I here?”, ” What is my purpose in this world?”, and such existential questions eventually leading oneself to what is called

a confused girl

How to Deal with Confusion

I have been meaning to start to share what I have learned about mind, anxiety, calmness, managing thoughts, stress, depression. This is a small piece about one of those things, let me know what you think in the comments below. How to Deal with Confusion Especially in confusion, you must drill this into yourself that

Understanding Skin Color: An ode to George Floyd

Understanding Skin Color: The Fight Against Stupidity. An ode to George Floyd

Racism or the statement by anyone that they are superior to anyone on the basis of color, class, creed, ‘blood’, etc. is …


Kobe Bean Bryant reminded us of the Uncertain Life

Today, the morning news about Kobe Bean Bryant, an American professional basketball  player, an National Basketball Association (NBA) Superstar, sent us a reminder of how uncertain this life was, how we are missing every single day of our lives in worries and fears that do not exist in the present moment, and may never really exist in

How To Treat Negative Feelings Within Oneself ~ Spiritual Capsule

This Blog will help you with knowing the simplest way to treating negative feelings within oneself. This way can be used to direct one’s own feelings or to direct a child’s behavior into the desired direction as well. So if your child has feelings of anger, make your child think of or watch movies/ series

Does God Love Me? ~ Bulleh Shah Poetry in English

Below is an interpretation of a Poem by the great Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah. Bulleh Shah talks about the Love of God for Bulleh Shah (referring to all Human Beings). He says that the Saviour, in all His compassion, will come to redeem the soul of Bulleh Shah, as promised by the Lord on the

Does God Exist – Is God Real? From an Atheist to a Knower

Let me take you to my childhood where it all started, where the question “Does God Exist – Is God Real? started growing within me – and turned me from an atheist to a knower. My Childhood Days I was born in a Hindu-Punjabi family in India. But I was not a Hindu because I