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I help you find solutions to Spiritual & Life Problems

Kashish G is a Spiritual Guide helping others on their spiritual awakening path and also with finding solutions to varying problems of life. She has spent most of her life in Seva, Meditation & Divine Love.
She is Bachelors in Education , Business Administration & Masters in Economics. She is also an Ex-Enforcement Officer, GOI who resigned from her job to follow her calling. Although she being a gold medalist throughout her career, she teaches,  ‘Education today doesn’t introduce us to our inner selves. Anybody can awaken due to a lot of pain in life but if we want our souls to go back to the Source and to stop coming back into the cycle of reincarnation, it is imperative to find the complete Spiritual Master to achieve that end. This is because a Human Being’s mind is not programmed to think and go beyond a certain point; just like the AI can only perform what you program it for.’
Read her story 'How I Met God'
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How I Help My Clients

Over the years of Spiritual practices, by the grace of my Spiritual Master, my powers and gifts have kept growing and thus, I am able help more people than
my mind could’ve ever imagined. 
For the consultations, I use my Third Eye perspective and also pass on the messages that my Spiritual Guides give me to help you know the way out of your problems.
My Universe’s Eye View (Zoomed Out View) helps you understand the bigger picture of life and helps you come out of your tensions & worries as you know
more than what the two eyes can see.
Graced with Infinite Peace of mind, I transfer some of it to you during the session, if it is required.

You get Insightful guidance + strategy to support you in making conscious, wise choices


What our clients say

She is a spiritually advanced soul who is very helpful and logical at the same time. Many times I have queries related to Spirituality & she is always ready to answer my concerns. It’s always best to take the help of adepts as there are many hindrances in the path of spirituality.

I would recommend that if you have deep concerns in your life, you approach her and she will definitely help you in best possible way.

Kamlesh Motwani / IT Entrepreneur

Kashish made us sit in a circle and aroused our sleeping consciousness in her spiritual way. She made us feel the power that every human being needs in truth. Kashish is an experienced guide.Thank you very very much. We will always need your experience on our spiritual path.

Kuldeep Singh / Businessman

Kashish mam has supported me a lot and listened to me very patiently. She briefed me what my problem is and provided me with the resources that helped me cope with current situation. She is realy a good person and has huge intuitive power.

Ayushi / Human Resource Assistant




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Personal Session

45 Minute 1-on-1

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