Have you been wondering how to get out of the energy of the long  long heartbreak, move on from the unbearable pain of separation?

Have you been facing problems while practising meditation Or got confused as to what next step to take on your spiritual journey?

Have you ever got stuck by following a fake Guru and then eventually got disappointed as you never realized the results?

Over the years of Spiritual practices, by the grace of my Spiritual Master, my powers and gifts have kept growing and thus, I am able help more people than my mind could ever imagine. 

For the consultations, I use my Third Eye perspective and also pass on the messages that my Spiritual Guides give to help you know the way out of your problems.

My Universe’s Eye View (Zoomed Out View) helps you understand the bigger picture of life and helps you come out of your tensions & worries as you know more than what the two eyes can see. Graced with Infinite Peace of mind, I transfer some of it to you during the session, if it is required.





Spiritual Guidance Session

30 Minute 1-on-1


40 minute session offers guidance on the problems related to 

spiritual awakening, third eye, seeking direction on the next steps in your spiritual journey,

twin flame love, pain of separation,

confidence build-up,  spiritual changes in oneself that one may not be able to understand at the moment,

karma & reincarnation, synchronicities, birth & death, career guidance (includes guidance for entrance examinations like SSC, UPSC, banking and exploring new career option)

messages from spiritual guides, exiting birth-death cycle and other soul & life-related problems.



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