how to be detached from results

This is a true story from my life. A story of how just being detached from the outcome of my efforts got me unexpected bigger results.

The story happened just a few years ago when I started preparing for my Government Services Examinations. If you aren’t from India, let me give you a little background here. Central & State Government services Examinations are the most sought-after examinations in India. Millions of students give these examinations and only a handful get selected.

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If you get selected, it lands you up in a very high-paying job and your lifestyle can change completely (although I have resigned from my job now, that’s another story I will share some other day).

So I started attending classes to prepare for the examinations and realized that it really did need a lot of preparation. I worked hard, day in and day out. But I was always scoring lower than many others in the class while my dear friend was pretty good with the tests and was among the top scorers constantly.

Anyway, Life had always taught me to work hard not caring much about the results. But this particular time. It was pretty hard. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. (A thought: Our Mind always tells us that each time, isn’t it)

But Life has its own ways. And this happened.

I decided that whatever be, I will work smart and hard, till the end. So I started analyzing the past 5 years’ papers and as being very good with observation (forgive my ego for boasting itself please), I can observe patterns much more easily and more clearly than it would take other people to.


So I saw a pattern in the papers and realized that there must be a certain type of book from which these types of questions must have been borrowed.

So I decided to go to the market and started going through many books. While I found nothing, one of the shopkeepers (who had probably never given such examinations) told me to try a new book in the market. Like try? were they what clothes? Anyway, I took that book and thought to go through it if I could.

I did not read that book at all. It was kept in a corner of my room till D-day. So just a day before the examination I decided to stop studying as I was completely exhausted and was not expecting anything much really. I was sitting casually and opened that book. I randomly opened some pages of this 546-page book and read a chapter randomly, closed the book, and slept.

So here we are.

Today is the Examination Day.

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Just like any other day of some mock test where you think you are going to score high but magically you’re always getting the lower scores every time.

Now first let’s see what’s happening in my friend’s classroom. This girl who is the topper of our class is stuck with a bad examiner. This examiner distributes the paper 15 mins late and takes it back early. That is NOT good. He has no understanding of time. He is confused. Maybe he is giving his duty for the first time, who knows. All the students in the classroom have lost it and they know it.

Now let’s come back to my classroom.

What is happening to me? Well, the Universe has landed me up with the easiest set of the four sets of papers. It is the easiest for me because it is prepared from the only chapters that I had studied (a thought: did the Universe make me study these chapters specifically in advance?). That’s crazy!

I see the paper and feel as if somebody is telling me to rewrite my notes. I definitely hold the Universe accountable for this. Is it lucky? Oh Yes! It is. But do you know what else has happened?

I have got straight 50 questions out of that book. Oh, 50 YES! from the book that I read casually a few hours ago, and from which I read only a few pages randomly, I have got exact straight 50 questions from that book. I know I have already cleared a greater part. The total number of questions is 200 and each and every mark matters.

The point here is not Luck my friend. I might have NOT got such a paper as well. But the point here is that I did not care about the results. But I gave my best, all that I could.

I gave my soul and mind to it because I knew that there was something more in this world that I cannot control. That something more is the “Hand of the Universe”.

You just need to have faith and keep working hard, leaving the results in the hands of the universe. And afterward, you get the results or not, you will never be disappointed. (If I had not got that paper set, I would have not been disappointed because I was not expecting anything).

When you work and leave the results to the higher force, it takes care and gives you that which is best for you. It has also happened in the past, that I did not get something that I wanted. Only to realize at the end that it was not really good for me.

So understand that Universe/ God will give you that which is best for you.

You will be more happy, contented, and peaceful in Life when you remember that you cannot control all the factors of this Universe, of this Life.

You Can Only control your own actions.



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  1. Mamta

    Just read your article on Himani’s wall very impressive and positive.. feeling great now

    1. Karmic Buzz

      i am so happy i could make somebody feel great 🙂 thank you Mamta…

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