“Soul” is the essence of Us that WE REALLY ARE.

When I say that “I” am not the Mind, then what am I left with?

If I am not the Mind, then who is it that I am.

All of us are made of Mind, Body and Soul. While we may have come to a realization that we are not the Body and we are not the Mind but we might yet have not come to the realization that We are Souls.

what is the soul of a man

Why have we not realized yet?

This is because have been taking the “Theory” approach rather than the “Experiential” approach. Theory can only give us Belief but it is the “Experience” that can turn a Belief into Faith.

In one of my previous short articles, I shared with you an example wherein we understood the concept of Soul using the Matchstick Example. In case you wish to understand more on the SOUL, read that before you go further. In this article , we are learning if “TREES HAVE SOULS?”

What I am going to tell you can actually offer you an EXPERIENCE that just a BELIEF.

Just have a look at this, what is this flower?

Touch me not flower

These are called “TOUCH ME NOT FLOWERS”.

It’s such a flower that resists whenever you try to touch it’s petals.

Why does it resist? Pause…just give it a thought before you read further…

…because it’s conscious of it’s surroundings that somebody is trying to touch me. When you touch it’s top it will close itself before opening again.

So that Consciousness would come only if it’s a living being..right?

A non-living thing won’t have that Consciousness . The screen that you are reading this article on, cannot resist because it doesn’t have the consciousness to feel and resist.

So YES Trees do have souls!

As the consciousness is rising across the planet and the Greatest Awakening awaits us, it’s time that we enlighten ourselves with these very basic concepts of Spirituality.

Are you upto date with all these concepts so you may step up onto the stairs of evolution as the consciousness expands in the world ?

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Authored by Kashish G. A Spiritual Teacher , writer & Consultant. Eleanor’s Purpose of Life is to help people lead themselves to eternal peace and happiness by drawing them in the direction that would help them exit the cycle of birth and death forever.


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