Eleanor, spiritual teacher & a gifted energy healer  is the speaker for the event.


eleanor is also the founder of karmicbuzz spirituality and is working towards helping others  learn how to acquire infinite peace of mind amidst chaos in life.


she advocates a combination of karma yoga,  bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, divine love & teachings of the saints of ancient india.


she  teaches  by interpreting the teachings of the highest saints of the world including Jesus christ, guru nanak, kabir ji, sri krishna and some lovers of god like rumi, bulleh shah, mira bai; whom she says carried the same message in their own unique way.


her vision is to help people make their way out of the cycle of birth & death forever in a way that is best SUITED FOR their  souls.

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Spiritual Teacher, Guide & Consultant

What to expect 

  • Covid has put many of us in a space of anxiety & stress where we are unable to think beyond the obvious. It is the “Peace of Mind” that brings infinite ideas in a man (human being). You must have heard how so many people got ideas for their million dollar businesses while they were taking a shower or playing with their kids. This is because in that particular moment they were in a state of tranquility which did not accompany them all day long. It is possible to reach such a peaceful state and how one uses this state of mind is entirely on that person.
  • In this session, we will understand what goes into having an Infinite Peace of Mind on a consistent basis and what leads to continuous disturbance in our lives.
  • Learning from Real life examples of people to understand Peace of mind
  • As the world is awakening, major changes are happening. We will find out – how these spiritual changes can impact our happiness, abundance and peaceful state in the next few years and what can we do at this point of time to assure a wonderful life therefore.
  • At the end, will learn one “Peace of Mind” Meditation that will help us stay in a peaceful state for longer periods of time as we perform our daily chores, eventually helping us have greater focus and excellence in work..
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Infinite Peace of Mind

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