I have been meaning to start to share what I have learned about mind, anxiety, calmness, managing thoughts, stress, depression.
This is a small piece about one of those things, let me know what you think in the comments below.

How to Deal with Confusion

Especially in confusion, you must drill this into yourself that you can only work with the variables you have and understand. In every situation, there will be things you don’t understand and things clearly out of your control. This will feel like a fight or flight situation. Many people freeze at the moment their mind conjures up a scenario of failure. You need to understand our bodies and minds are hard-wired to try and survive under all circumstances. They don’t understand death as a necessary and evolutionary process as you and I might do.

A Confused Boy : How to Deal with Confusion
How to Deal with Confusion
( Pic Credits : Nathan Dumlao )

Since all one can do in a given situation is to take care of the variables they see and understand that limits down our choices and helps us shortlist the things that we actually can take concrete action on.
Once considering the situation and understanding the possible paths and the ones most likely to happen and the most likely ones you’d like to happen, choose a course of action but beware, don’t try and see the whole staircase; just the first few steps. You need to see only what you are going to do next, no matter how unlikely that seems to come to fruition.

Staircase : Just go up the steps you can see and you will see more as you go !
Just go up the steps you can see and you will see more as you go !
Pic: Christian Lue

No matter how much you see that there’s an imminent failure on the path, once after all consideration and due diligence and pondering you have decided a path, go on, unfettered, and without a doubt. You WILL get feedback to adjust your path as you go on, so remember not to be rigid about it but that feedback won’t happen unless you make the first move and then follow that with the second, third, and so on.

Point is: Just Start Doing.

Shah Rumi

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