This Blog will help you with knowing the simplest way to treating negative feelings within oneself. This way can be used to direct one’s own feelings or to direct a child’s behavior into the desired direction as well.

So if your child has feelings of anger, make your child think of or watch movies/ series on the topic of LOVE. Slowly he will develop feelings of love.

If your child has feelings of harshness, make him think of mercy by showing heroes or movies that involve mercy.

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If the feelings of jealousy persist, one must read, watch and understand magnanimity and nobility.

If your child is timid, show him pictures of Lion, make him roar like a lion, make him see movies of superheroes and that of the courage of the warriors. Such a child will grow up into a courageous man even if he is not courageous in the present. Have patience and understand that change takes time.

In all the above desired changes, make sure that the change is brought slowly and with full of love. Forcing the change or a thought pattern will do no good to the child. He must be shown the benefits that would come about by developing the desired qualities.

Any Human Being is the result of what he reads, watches, thinks and the people he is surrounded with. In today’s era of Social Media, what we watch effects us majorly. Therefore, this Spiritual Capsule focuses on watching the movies/ media the most.

So the simplest way to bring about the desired change in the child is Thinking of the Opposite; opposite of the trait that is existing at the moment and requires a re-direction.

I hope this Spiritual Capsule added value to your life in a certain way. The above teachings are inspired by one of my Astral Gurus Swami Vivekananda. If you liked it, do let me know about the same in the comments and share it with your friends if you think it’d help them too. Let me know, if you know any other way/s to treat negative feelings within oneself or the child.

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