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Is Sushant Singh’s case* A Mahabharat FOR THIS GENERATION?| Karma & Fate

What was Mahabharat? All Mahabharat was a quarrel between the right & the wrong, the fight between the conscience ( that is pure love & light ) & the mind ( that is full of desires & selfish motives). On one side, there was Arjuna & his four brothers, along with the all-knowing omniscient Sri

Is Sadhguru a Conman ?

Is Sadhguru A Conman?

Before you read this article, (Note: I am NOT a disciple of Sadhguru; I haven’t taken any Diksha from him. But i like to see people without any judgements, definitely not based on what i read somewhere or heard about somebody.) I was having lunch with a friend & we were discussing anything & everything randomly