I have stopped believing in a normal life because all i know     is   just MAGIC and nothing else.   Let me take you to my childhood where it all started… My Childhood days…

I was born in a Hindu-Punjabi family in India but I was not a Hindu because I was not aware of what being a Hindu was…

I was going to a Christian school and had friends from Hindu, Muslim,  Christian, Jain, Bengali and Sikh families. (You know that’s how India is; am so     Grateful for this experience !) While in school, whenever we made our     prayers    to “Jesus Christ” and sometimes we made prayers to “God” ,         one  question constantly kept popping into my heart and mind, the question     was “Who is God?”

What if these Holy Books are just implanted in our minds by a Being of much Higher Consciousness?” I wanted proof for everything. I thought, “What if I experienced God myself, am sure i will get the answers to all the other questions I have within me” and getting answers to all my questions was the only thing that could have brought me peace of mind.

I was already practising meditation since my childhood without being aware of the term “Meditation”. I knew that there was something more to Life for sure, but what that was, I was never sure of until I started experiencing things that had no logical explanation.

What I am going to write down here is just one of the experiences from my Life (and it has my copyright ;-)).

My Teen Days

It was winters. 29th December. I was in 10th grade. Our school was holding an event in a stadium. We started from the stadium at 9 pm in our school buses. I reached my bus stop around 10 pm.

As soon as the bus halted at the bus stop, i realised that there was absolutely nobody on the road. My school bus used to drop me on the main road; it was a wider crossroad and my home was a little far from there. I was a child and I was a little scared of getting down the bus at that time specially when i saw absolutely nobody around me. So I, alongwith my friends requested the bus driver to drop me inside my house lane, to which he denied and said, ” Either you get down the bus or I’ll start the bus”.

I could not think further and got down the bus. As soon as I got down I thought that I should wait for my parents to come (the bus had dropped off 10 mins before the time conveyed to my parents and at that time we did not have any mobiles). So I slowly started walking towards my home just to realise that there were as many as 12 dogs on the street that were fighting with each other and so I could have got myself bitten.

I decided to seek help from the homes around just to realise that it was too late ; either lights were off or the homes were locked. It was winters, people go to there homes early…

So eventually I came back to the bus stop thinking that I would take a lift from any car that would come and request the person in it to drop me home (just a few years ago there was no Uber). At that time I was unaware that there were all kinds of people in this world – good and not so good. So i started waiting for a car to come.

And this happened…

Now i was there, standing on the bus stand, waiting for a lift. So naive of me.

I looked right on the road (1st second), “Nobody is there”..it’s a long long road connecting a bridge and there’s absolutely not a soul on the road. I looked left (2nd second), “Nobody is there on the left side as well”. i looked right again (3rd second).

I am in a shock.

There is a rickshaw right there and the man on the rickshaw is sleeping.

It is impossible for a rickshawpuller to not only appear in 3 seconds but also the fact that he was sleeping.


A Rickshaw


Anyway, I had to go home, so I went to the rickshaw guy and I try to wake him up but he is in deep sleep…how possible is that in 3 seconds (my soul is screaming)…

I asked him to drop me home and ofcourse he did. But all throughout the way back home, I had only one thought-

I knew that this rickshawpuller was not a man, he was definitely God that came to help me,’but how do I test this?’

So i decided that if the rickshawpuller disappeared in the same way in which he appeared, I would get the confirmation.

So as I reached home, my mother came from inside and handed over the money to me and told me to close the door.

At that very moment I decided that I will turn and count till 5 and see what happens…

so after I handed over the money, i turned towards the door and started counting in my heart…












Turn !


‘I told you. I told you. I told you”, my soul screamed within me in exhilaration.

I looked back to see if he was there…


The rickshawpuller had disappeared in 5 seconds.


Whether you are an atheist or a believer, just remember one thing in Life. Whenever you are going through great difficulties in your life, at that time, with all your heart, mind and soul, Just call out (to whosoever you believe in, whether it is Allah, Jesus , Krishna or the Universe), “If YOU Exist, Come and Help Me” and I promise, If you call Him with all your Heart, He WILL Come.

God may not appear in a Light form, in a form which we might be imagining. But He may appear as a Rickshawpuller, as an animal, or as a bird, as anything He may wish to appear in. BUT He will come. It is our inability to recognise HIM/HER (as HE/HER is formless there can be no gender specifications) that we make ourselves stressful, full of anxiety and fearlful.

Beautiful light from the sky


This is my story of turning from a Believer to a Knower. This know-how has changed my perspective of life and it has taken me to places that are way beyond my imagination

I wish that whoever is reading this may also get an Experience of God, if He Really desires so. I also wish you a fulfilled, amazing and blissful life ahead.

Namaste !

kashish G


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