Namaste. My name is Kashish Gambhir. On social media, you will find me by the name @karmicbuzz. I am a Spiritual Guide from India.


My Journey


I was a 5-year-old when I started questioning my existence in this world but never got any satisfactory answers from anybody.


On my Spiritual Journey (back when I was 14 and continuing in my 20s), I remained pretty confused. It felt like I was reaching nowhere.


I used to spend hours doing Seva and in Meditation. My Dhyaan (focus) was completely on my Spiritual Path.

I wanted to reach my Spiritual goals quickly. It took me all these years to understand that the Spiritual Awakening Journey was not a sprint, it was a marathon.


During my teenage years, I went through much darker times in my life for quite a few years.

It changed me completely. The journey gave me a lot of pain but the pain also enlightened me with the truth of my existence and this Universe.

Later in life, when I had gained enough perspective and wisdom and started giving spiritual & life Consultations to others, I realized that I had to go through all of that pain myself before I was ever able to help anybody else on their journey.


My life changed even drastically when I came across a profound Spiritual Teacher, who by His’ grace transferred his Divine Energy to me and helped me gain a quantum jump on my Spiritual Awakening journey. He taught me things that no school in the world can teach its students.


Meditation was one thing that I had started very young (when I was 3; as my mom tells me). But back then I did not know the word ‘Meditation’, although I practiced it. I believe this wisdom was a carry forward from my past life.


It’s been more than 30 years now that I have been practicing meditation and working on expanding my consciousness.


Fast forward to today, I use my consciousness to help people find solutions quickly to almost any problem.


I use my abilities (which actually all of us possess btw) like telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, reading energy, mediumship, and healing to solve almost any problem for others, thus saving their time.

I am an intuitive and physical empath. I understand and feel the pain of animals and all living beings very deeply.

Through my consultation sessions, I help people gain a higher perspective of life and help them find the Spiritual Path that is unique to their soul and the one that could help them gain spiritual progress most quickly.


One of my main abilities (that I got from my Spiritual Teacher) is to transfer Divine Energy. I do this through my Meditation sessions or during my Consultations, wherever I find it necessary.

This raises the vibrational frequency of the person, expands their consciousness, and awakens certain aspects of their soul that were always present there but were not realized by the person before.


At present,

I am giving Online Consultations and Peace Meditation Sessions (Online and in Delhi) to different age groups including the Senior Citizens. 

I write blogs on my website ‘karmicbuzz.com‘ and I am also  working on my Podcast K.I.S : Karma Is Supreme’.

Now that I have reached a point in consciousness where I am able to know the level of consciousness in others, I help people find their Spiritual teacher unique to their soul path.

I want to end this by sharing with you that, never be afraid of pain. Sometimes the most pain gives us the most wisdom in life. We may not be able to see it at the moment when we are hurt, but later on, we would gain a greater perspective of life.

See what excessive pain in my life has made of me. Don’t be afraid of pain. Instead start seeing this life as if you were a character in this world playing his/her role.

P.S. I am not a Guru. Don’t make me one.

But I can successfully lead you to finding the Perfect Spiritual Master for your Soul and help you save many years of your life while you try to find the right one.

Life is short and we don’t want to waste our time.

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