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kuldeep singh testimonial

Kashish made us sit in a circle and aroused our sleeping consciousness in her spiritual way. She made us feel the power that every human being needs in truth. Kashish is an experienced guide.Thank you very very much.
We will always need your experience on our spiritual path.

Kuldeep Singh / Businessman, New Delhi
Testimonial1 spiritual teacher
The moment she hugged me & transferred some peace energies, i know something in me had changed. Kashish is gifted. She can pull people out there who often are stuck in energies of lack of love. Thank You Kashish.”
Bhupesh testimonial

” I can still feel the power in my hands. there is a very big power that i felt. i felt it first in meditation but even now, i can still feel it. I feel very good. Thank You so much..”

Bhupesh Makhija / Pharmacist, New Delhi
urvashi testimonial

” She is like a great friend & more like a mentor helped me how to tackle my problems and taught me how to stay positive. She gave me such powerful vibrations that while staying with her i became vibrant and started to gain back my confidence in which i was lacking. I became more aware of my thinking, words that i choose. I recommend her to every person out there. I feel so blessed, thank you so much”

Urvashi Juneja / Photographer & Illustrator