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Queen of the South | Learn to go Beyond the Pain

A character I’ve watched 3 times really We have all been through tough times though we can’t speak of ‘ I had the toughest time of all ‘ because that is subjective. Except for the event that makes time tough, it also depends on many factors such as one’s ability to cope with a situation, the

do trees have souls

Do Trees Have Souls ? Consciousness & Great Awakening

WHAT IS A SOUL? DO TREES HAVE SOULS? “Soul” is the essence of Us that WE REALLY ARE. When I say that “I” am not the Mind, then what am I left with? If I am not the Mind, then who is it that I am. All of us are made of Mind, Body and

Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience

“We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience. We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.” THE MEANING While many wonder over the existential questions like, ” What is Life?” , “Why am I here?”, ” What is my purpose in this world?”, and such existential questions eventually leading oneself to what is called

Does God Exist - From an Atheist to a Knower

Does God Exist – Is God Real? From an Atheist to a Knower

Let me take you to my childhood where it all started, where the question “Does God Exist – Is God Real? started growing within me – and turned me from an atheist to a knower. My Childhood Days I was born in a Hindu-Punjabi family in India. But I was not a Hindu because I

how to be detached from results


This is a true story from my life. A story of how just being detached from the outcome of my efforts, got me unexpected bigger results. The story happened just a few years ago when I started preparing for my Government Services Examinations. If you aren’t from India, let me give you a little background

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WHO AM I ? | A Poem on Self-Realization

A Beautiful Spiritual Poem by Eleanor, the Spiritual Teacher.