If the Blind Lead the Blind, Both Will Fall Into the Pit

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The one who has the power to give, won’t he have the power to know? We are waiting for God to make things happen, but maybe God is waiting for us to perform our actions. Our Karma. Welcome to the podcast. Karma is supreme.

Today I’m going to share with you the greatest wisdom that I have learned from my 29 years of the spiritual journey. I started my spiritual journey at the age of 5. 

And within the heart of this child…there was an inner calling, calling to know the truth of her existence. Also, I would consider this a fortune that since my childhood, I had been exposed to at least three major religions.

I was born in a Hindu family and my grandparents believed in Sri Ram and Sri Krishna Ji.And they used to perform all the puja path and rituals and they read the Gita, The holy book of Hindus. I was sent to a Christian School by my parents and I used to sing songs and prayers and studied from the Bible, the holy book of Christians. 

And when I used to come back home and play in my neighborhood, I used to go to gurudwara with my friends, which was the only holy place in the vicinity of my area at that time. I was listening to Gurbani from Guru Granth Sahib Ji the holy book of Sikhs.

I had friends and people around me from all religions and therefore I was able to have that exposure. It opened my mind to a perspective that it would have not known otherwise and this exposure…

It led me to ask questions about God, my teachers, and my parents. Nobody had answers to my questions.
I had unconsciously started looking for answers everywhere. And through everyone that I met.

I guess I must be around seven or eight when I had thought that there must be somebody out there who will have the answers to absolutely all of my questions, you know questions like who is God and how can I experience God? And I had a lot of weird questions also in my head like, you know…

when we used to stand in the assembly in the school and one day, I asked my friend. Whom are you praying to? And she said that she is praying to Hanuman ji.

The other friend I asked and she said that she’s praying to Jesus Christ. 

So I got a pretty confused and I thought that if all of us are standing under the sky and All these friends, you know, they’re just praying to different gods, and then every religion is teaching us that God is one, you know, these are two conflicting things so that confuse me even more.

So it got me really thinking that you know, are these, all of these gods are they friends with each other, or are they like, up there in the sky, just together with the listen to you, or there’s just in all one God or there’s one God in every religion. So a lot of questions.

I am not somebody who would believe in an answer just because I have been told that answer needs to need to pacify my soul. It needs to be logical, it needs to, or need to Experience it, you know,

I won’t believe in something just because I’ve been taught to. So I would need to experience it and that is what made me an atheist also for a lot many years while I was seeking God.

So anyway, once I reach this place of confusion and I very actively started looking for a person who would know all these answers and who could guide me. and my parents were very supportive of my seeking, my father used to take me to different holy places and help me meet different preachers, to spiritual teachers and attend Satsang, and listen to different spiritual Masters.

And I’ve literally met each and every spiritual teacher of that time. You know, when I was young, I met Baba Ramdev, three times. At that time, we used to have Asharam Ji babu, I went to his Satsang as well. literally explored every spiritual teacher who was speaking at that time and I was very clear on one thing if there are fake spiritual teachers in this world and there has to be a real one, you know, because the fake cannot exist if the real does not, the fake has to copy the real one.

So I knew that there is a real spiritual teacher out there and I just have to find that one. So I used to attend satsangs and listen to different spiritual teachers, but nobody was really able to answer my questions to my satisfaction. And until one day, when I was 14 years old in one of the satsangs that I attended along with my mother. 

I met this person who later turned out to be my spiritual teacher. But at that time, I did not recognize him as my spiritual teacher. So it was there that the trajectory of my life changed and he just spoke. 

You know, he just spoke. Just a few words to me. I mean, those words, you know, I got absolutely so many of my answers unbelievably.

Those were words of wisdom and it was not just the words. It was, it was like a vision of Wisdom that I was thrown into into, in those few seconds. 
So it gave me a flash of experience that cannot be really put into words…
 so fast-forwarding to today. Today. I’m 34, I achieved the set spiritual goals that I had in my mind by the age of 32. And one thing that I can give you. From my spiritual journey the essence of all of my spiritual journey. 

If I were to share that with you, is that never ever start your spiritual practices, but no matter whatever it is, never go deeper into it unless you are more than sure, you’re 101 percent, sure about the spiritual teacher that you have except a very basic form of meditations, like, breathing, physical yoga that you do and stuff. That’s okay but never go deeper into any kind of meditation unless you are 101% sure of the spiritual teacher. I mean you know, it’s a very famous, saying, in India, we were taught When We Were Young that even if your whole life is spent in finding the right spiritual teacher and you meet your spiritual teacher at the end of your life, that life would be worth it. 

And today, I completely agree with this because the right spiritual teacher would then give you the direction in, which you should really go, otherwise, no matter whatever your speed is. You’re just going in the dark.

Also, I believe that a teacher can only give you what he himself or herself realized. Right? So if a teacher, who is trained to teach, primary class…he won’t be able to take you up to PhD. 
But if you want to become a Principal, then you must make that Principal your teacher. You must learn it from a person who is qualified to teach you up to that level.

All right, so the most important thing is no matter what. No matter, how many years it takes. 
You got to find the perfect spiritual teacher for your spiritual journey. You got to explore all the parts and reach a point where you found that perfect spiritual teacher for yourself and also have got 100% faith in that teacher. 

And I would say that never think that I’m wasting my time in searching for a teacher know when you search for a Spiritual teacher, that the Supreme Being is watching your seeking is, watching you a desire and it.

Listening to your yearning for finding that real spiritual path. And you will definitely find a way but never believe in something or somebody very quickly because if you do meet a fake spiritual teacher, then it would become very difficult to develop that trust. 
You see, the fake cannot exist without the real being in existence, right? 
So we have to keep that in mind as well.

So I would like to end this podcast with a few lines from 
‘Simon The New Theologian. Simon The new Theologian was a Byzantine Christian monk and poet. It was the last of the Three Saints, canonized by the Eastern, Orthodox Church. He says if you want to renounce the world and be instructed in life according to the gospels…

Do not place yourself in the hands of an inexperienced Spiritual Master or the one subject to the passions. 
Implore God with prayers and tears to send you a guide who is dispassionate and holy. A blind person who undertakes to guide Others is a deceiver plunging into the pit of Destruction, those who follow him. 
As the Lord said, if the blind lead, the blind, both will fall into the pit — finding the right spiritual teacher

That’s it for today.

Thank you for listening. I hope I had add some value to your life. 
If I did, stay connected and see you soon next week. Lots of luck for the upcoming week. Namaste.

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