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Queen of the South | Learn to go Beyond the Pain

A character I’ve watched 3 times really We have all been through tough times though we can’t speak of ‘ I had the toughest time of all ‘ because that is subjective. Except for the event that makes time tough, it also depends on many factors such as one’s ability to cope with a situation, the


Kobe Bean Bryant reminded us of the Uncertain Life

Today, the morning news about Kobe Bean Bryant, an American professional basketball  player, an National Basketball Association (NBA) Superstar, sent us a reminder of how uncertain this life was, how we are missing every single day of our lives in worries and fears that do not exist in the present moment, and may never really exist in

Does God Exist - From an Atheist to a Knower

Does God Exist – Is God Real? From an Atheist to a Knower

Let me take you to my childhood where it all started, where the question “Does God Exist – Is God Real? started growing within me – and turned me from an atheist to a knower. My Childhood Days I was born in a Hindu-Punjabi family in India. But I was not a Hindu because I

Who Am I | The Good and The Evil

When I was a child, I used to ask myself who i wanted to become. When i was in 9th grade, i wanted to be an astronaut. As a teenager, Sushmita Sen (the then Miss Universe influenced me). Then started a time in my life when i forgot what i wanted to become really and