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In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus was a Dutch philosopher and Catholic theologian who is considered one of the greatest scholars of the northern Renaissance. As a Catholic priest, he was an important figure in classical scholarship who wrote in a pure Latin style. (Source: Wikipedia)

What Is The Third Eye Really?

The Third Eye has been referred to, in many religions, by many people, in many ways but it is we, human beings, who have become blind to the truth.

Before we understand what the Third Eye is, it is imperative to understand what a Third Eye Is Not.


Lately, I have come across a few blogs and videos on social media that reflect a not-so-good understanding of the Third Eye. 

The following are the concepts that are absolutely NOT REFERRING TO THE THIRD EYE —

  • a physical eye in the body — FUNNY
  • an eye in the middle of the neck — NOOOO!
  • you can open the third eye with this drink — WHO TOLD YOU THAT?
  • open your third eye in 1 minute — STAY AWAY
  • how to quickly open your third eye — FAKE

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what is third eye


The third eye is not some physical eye or any body part that may be tangible, instead it is a much wider perspective of life and much higher wisdom that comes only after enough expansion in the consciousness.

When a person raises his consciousness and the third eye opens, he is able to understand the things that couldn’t have been understood with only the two eyes, he is able to perceive more than what a normal human mind may perceive.

The Rishis of India understood this point in the middle of the eyebrows as the Ajna Chakra.

Understanding With an Example

To give you an example,
Suppose you’re traveling to a city. You have been there before and therefore, you start traveling via the same route you used to travel.

You open Google Maps and it suggests you a re-route instead.
You expand the map to understand the reason for the re-route and realize that the route that you were taking had traffic and would take you 3 extra hours to reach your destination. 

In this example, Google Maps is like the person whose Third Eye is open. Such a person is able to see beyond and is, therefore, able to suggest ways that could actually save you time.

The opening of the third eye also puts one onto the path of self-realization… eventually, leading to the realization of the truth.
But that happens only with the further expansion in the consciousness. 
(I won’t get into this part as it is much deeper to be covered within this blog).



Have you ever seen any Indian women wearing the Red Dot on their forehead?

This Red Dot has been worn by Indian women for thousands of years.

It is put in the middle of the eyebrows. 

It is not only the women but also the men who have been putting the Tilak in the middle of the eyebrows.
This point where the red dot or the tilak is placed is also referred to as the third eye.

There is a greater significance behind putting the tilak or wearing the Red Dot in the middle of the eyebrows. 

In the old times, when the consciousness of the people was very high they wanted to keep their dhyaan(attention) on the third eye.
They knew that attention is everything.

Let’s understand this with an example, say you are cooking chapati but if your attention is on your child who is just going to come back from school, you may be cooking half-heartedly and hence the chapati may not be well-cooked.

Hence the concept of mindfulness came into the picture. 

Many Saints, throughout our history, have drawn our attention towards the concept of mindfulness i.e. whatever action you perform, you perform it with complete awareness in the present moment or complete dhyaan.


Today, with the onset of social media and ongoing festivities across different parts of the world, both married and unmarried girls wear the Red Bindi as per the occasion or the dress. 


It’s called the third eye because normally we human beings have two eyes through which we can see this world.

third eye meaning

But only a few, who have really worked towards expanding their consciousness; have their third eye opened.

But again, there are many reasons as to why and how the third eye opens (we will talk about it some other day).


Let me give you an example from my life. 

One of my far-off friends was going to get married. When I came to know about it, 
I realized that the man that she was getting married to, was in fact cheating on her already. 

I informed my friend in advance. Her parents did all the checking but they found nothing.

When I visited her at one of her events that are held before D-day, I saw it again. I warned her this time. But she ignored it as she thought that the man was madly in love with her.

She got married to that guy finally. 
Just a few months down the line, she found out that the man was cheating on her. He also duped her family into spending a lot of money and dowry as well.

It took her a few years to get out of that abusive relationship but now she knew that she could know things in advance and take decisions accordingly.

The higher the consciousness of a person, the more of the creator he becomes.

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