Understanding Skin Color: An ode to George Floyd

Understanding Skin Color: The Fight Against Stupidity. An ode to George Floyd

Racism or the statement by anyone that they are superior to anyone on the basis of color, class, creed, ‘blood’, etc. is …


Kobe Bean Bryant reminded us of the Uncertain Life

Today, the morning news about Kobe Bean Bryant, an American professional basketball  player, an National Basketball Association (NBA) Superstar, sent us a reminder of how uncertain this life was, how we are missing every single day of our lives in worries and fears that do not exist in the present moment, and may never really exist in

How To Treat Negative Feelings Within Oneself ~ Spiritual Capsule

This Blog will help you with knowing the simplest way to treating negative feelings within oneself. This way can be used to direct one’s own feelings or to direct a child’s behavior into the desired direction as well. So if your child has feelings of anger, make your child think of or watch movies/ series

Does God Love Me? ~ Bulleh Shah Poetry in English

Below is an interpretation of a Poem by the great Sufi Saint Bulleh Shah. Bulleh Shah talks about the Love of God for Bulleh Shah (referring to all Human Beings). He says that the Saviour, in all His compassion, will come to redeem the soul of Bulleh Shah, as promised by the Lord on the

What is Spirituality?| Spirituality for Beginners

Imagine you’re sitting in a theater and watching a play. On the right side of the stage are actors from Australia. To their left are three students from JNU India, crying for their rights to freedom. Suddenly a toy plane named American Airlines carrying 170 dots lands onto the stage. Seeing this, your friend sitting

How To Overcome A Heartbreak ( 7 ways)

In this article I will share with you some practical ways on “How to Overcome a Heartbreak” and turn it into a blessing. I am sure that it will help you because these tips have helped others as well. I am going to share this in depth with you and it would be great if

How To Be Happy & Peaceful (7 Ways)

Do you desire a Happy & Peaceful Life ? In this article we read the “7 Do Not’s” that could help us stay happy and peaceful in our daily lives. 1.Do Not think too much of the society’s opinions of you. I had like to keep this at first. The surest way to a Happy

Is Destiny Pre-determined? Do we have Free Will?

Fate , Free Will & Expansion of Consciousness When I was young, I used to believe in Kismat (fate), which also implies that there is no free will. Does that mean that God or a higher force is the one in control of our lives? Well as my consciousness expanded, my beliefs changed. I came

what is soul?

Soul in the Body | Example | Short Reads

You are the Light | The Soul To understand the concept of the Soul (The Light) in the body; that we Spiritual Beings really are, we take an example of a matchstick. We have heard this many a times that “We are Spiritual Beings in a Human Body“ but what does that really mean? In

Who Am I | The Good and The Evil

When I was a child, I used to ask myself who i wanted to become. When i was in 9th grade, i wanted to be an astronaut. As a teenager, Sushmita Sen (the then Miss Universe influenced me). Then started a time in my life when i forgot what i wanted to become really and