The recent events have exposed a side of humans which is seldom hidden under the garb of capitalism and vague justification, generation after generation. George Floyd wasn’t fighting or protesting against any system. He was just present at the wrong node in front of a volatile stimulant (his murderer) at the wrong time. He became a medium through which this virus which has plagued humanity much longer than coronavirus, has been exposed wide open.

Why is This fight Different? Why are people enraged as much at this wrongdoing at the hands of racist than they were when similar events transpired earlier, even in the same city as well?
One could state that due to worldwide lockdown, attention at every flying news is immense and something this crucial to the human race is right to have gotten notice. It’s time this is addressed and steps taken towards its eradication.

How does spirituality guide us towards understanding other humans and differentiating on the basis of color? Is all the rage justified?

Understanding Skin Color: An ode to George Floyd
George Floyd been taken in Police Custody

Racism or the statement by anyone that they are superior to anyone on the basis of color, class, creed, ‘blood’, etc. is nothing but proof of their stupidity. I won’t even dignify it by terming it as ‘naive’. It’s downright stupid and moronic behavior. It’s a testimony to an ill-constructed society. The sad news is that this plague exists amongst all societies on earth. It lurks in the wine club discussions and Golf bets. It hides under the unjustified reason of ‘being born to’ and shows it face when numbers gather and hammer a minority whether based on color or religion. A country burning due to disparity amongst citizens is not a testimony to only the citizens mindset bt it’s a proof of bad leadership, for in the leader, does commmon folk find solace in tough times like the one the whole world faces.

Truth is, spirituality doesn’t discriminate at all. We have had seers and sages in all sects of society, in all classes of wealth and of all colors. From a cobbler like Saint Kabir to King Janak and Lord Krishna (king of Dwarka); From the recorded fate of Jesus Christ to turmoils that Moses went through. Sages, saints, and masters have adorned the human garb to present an example that no matter ‘who you are born as’, you are a human being primarily and that is all the distinction there is to qualify for equality, to be treated with basic human respect. To understand that no matter how different you may look from the ‘outside’, the core which runs us all is the same.
Just like water may take shape of the vessel it is in, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s water. Water in a white bottle is not any different than the water in a black, brown, or any other color of the bottle. It’s the water which we are here to experience not the bottle itself. To some, this idea may sound esoteric and to some, commonplace but that doesn’t change the fact that this simple explanation is a clear explanation to misunderstanding by the people who think they superior in any way by the way of color, class creed, etc.

Rest assured you and I can keep only ourselves in check. we can’t force understanding on anyone. We can only appeal to people’s human side, not their animalistic tendencies.


Shah Rumi
(I have now changed my pen name from Brown Rumi to Shah Rumi to facilitate the idea of moving away from color and towards the real goal of realizing the self.)

For those who do not know the details of this incident, can watch the video in the link below-

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