1. What is a Spiritual Awakening
  2. How to have a Spiritual Awakening (3 ways )

To have an overview of what a ‘Spiritual Awakening’ is, we will refer to the poem on Awakening by Saint Kabir.

Saint Kabir, a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint, whose writings influenced Hinduism’s Bhakti movement and whose verses are found in Sikhism’s scripture Guru Granth Sahib Ji, states in his poem (now a song) on Awakening –

Kabir Ji, the Indian Saint

“sadho re, ye murdon ka gaon (3)

peer mare, paigamber mare hai…

marr gaye zinda jogi

raja mare hai…praja mae hai

marr gaye vaid or rogi

Kahe kabir suno bhaii sadho..bhatak maro na koi”

Translation –

O’ wise one (sadho), this world is full of dead (in this line ‘dead’ refers to the people who are sleeping i.e. not awakened in their consciousness)

the saint dies, the prophet dies,

and the mystics die as well

the king dies, the subjects (his’ people) die,

the doctor dies, so do the patients…

Kabir says, ‘O wise one, do not die without knowing the truth of your existence [which means ; do not die without raising your consciousness to the point where the soul becomes one with the Source, lest one should get back into the cycle of birth & death again]

So we may simply express Spiritual Awakening in the following words ~

Spiritual Awakening simply means awakening from the deep sleep of this world. Why is this called a deep sleep? Because in our life on earth, we have indulged ourselves so much in eating, sleeping, drinking and working 24X7 that we have forgotten the only purpose we came here for. We have forgotten our true identity i.e. we are Spiritual Beings going through a Human Experience and not the other way round.

But it is only when a Human Being awakens that he/she realizes that there is more to Life than just the daily chores that people involve themselves in. Then only we humans can understand the true value of time and how it must be utilised i.e. towards gaining more experiences beyond the daily life experiences & towards the realization of our true spiritual nature.

Bulleh Shah, a Punjabi philosopher and Sufi poet during 17th-century Punjab, states the truth of our existence in the following words-

what is spiritual awakening
Baba Bulleh Shah

Made from earth you shall mingle with earth!

How illusive are power and vanity!

They who have gone have gone ;

They will not come again —-

My comrades, my friends, my darlings, my chums.

Without me they could not live for a moment,

Now why have they forsaken me forever?

Made from earth you shall mingle with earth !…

…O Bullah, they do not permit us to stay here;

We leave it willy-milly, weeping and crying.

His Name alone is our provision for the journey;

Not a penny of this world can we carry along.

Made from earth you shall mingle with earth!

How illusive are power and vanity !

Ref. Faqir Mohd.,Kulliyat, p.115, poem 58

Bulleh Shah in his poem is expressing that the existence of a man ends in dust, whether by fire or by burial, still how madly man is running behind power and vanity. While a man has no will of his own and has to leave the world without any prior notice, he keeps himself busy in collecting items that will not go along with him. He has forgotten this truth, whoever has come has to go. Then why does he not take with him the Lord’s Name and awakens himself ?

How to have a Spiritual Awakening [ 3 WAYS ]

Spiritual Awakening Meaning
Spiritual Awakening

The consciousness is rising across the world and more people are awakening to the truth of their existence than ever before.

People across the world belonging to different nationalities, cultures, religious backgrounds are awakening in their own unique ways…

and each one one is awakening upto a certain level and there is always more scope of expansion in each one’s consciousness than that which is realized within them.

There are three ways in which a human being can awaken ~

The first way in which a soul awakens is:

a lot of pain awakens a person. If a person has suffered much in life, then the the soul of such a person has intensely called out to the Creator in it’s pain, ‘Why did you give me so much pain? Why?’ and then in it’s desire to find the meaning of life, such a soul is graced upon by an awakening and is opened to a new dimension of life. It may get an awakening by experiences such as out-of-body experience. After some personal spiritual experiences, the soul then realises that there is more to this life than just eating, drinking, sleeping & working.

Much pain can awaken you to the Truth of the World

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The second way in which a soul awakens is :

With the time of it’s existence on earth (including past many lives it has existed), the soul has now reached certain level of consciousness and it is time for the soul to awaken to it’s truth and therefore such a soul awakens naturally in it’s journey of life.

If you notice, how very young children today are highly conscious, this is because these souls have already gained a certain level of consciousness and they are born with that consciousness level in their present lives.

The third way in which the soul awakens is :

A soul awakens because of it’s connection to the ‘Mystic of the highest order’ (also called a Perfect Spiritual Master) i.e. A soul has the desire to awaken itself but has not yet got any inner spiritual experiences and therefore, knows about awakening only by way of knowledge from hearsay or books and from other people’s experiences. Such a soul can lead itself to awakening by coming in contact with the Mystic of the highest order.

This way is also very useful for the soul that had spiritual experiences in the past but it is unable to have more spiritual experiences or feels a sort of blockage w.r.t the progress in the spiritual journey that just never goes away and therefore wants to lead itself to such spiritual experiences in the future.

The Mystic of the highest order is able to help the Soul from inside of it (during meditation) and ‘not just outside’ by way of words. Such a Mystic has the power to appear in his astral form to help the Soul inside during it’s journey (kindly note: we are not talking about dreams as dreams come from the storehouse of the Mind ; such a Mystic has the power to appear and guide you while you are wide awake during your meditation and help you in your journey beyond the mind).

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