I am changing.
I don’t know Who I am. Not anymore.
One day I am like a child. Another day, I am a sage.
Is it a split personality?No.
I am completely aware of this switch that is happening within me.
I can make most dumb videos and I can write and make most meaningful posts on spirituality in this world.

I am a kid sometimes, another times, I can tell you what is happening in the other part of the world just by sitting here with my eyes closed.
I have absolutely forgotten who i am.
I can feel myself in every living being. Sometimes, i am a flower, sometimes a cat, another time i am just a beggar living on the road.
Who am i?
May be I am nobody.
When i behave like a kid, they say grow up.
When i become a sage, they say we cannot understand you. It’s too complex.

In this grand scheme of things, where do i stand.
Who am I?
May be I am Nobody.

~ Kashish G

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